Rethinking cholesterol…bring back the eggs with the yolk!

Author: Dr. Michelle Durkin on 7 June 2016

Do you limit your intake of cholesterol-containing foods like red meat, eggs, butter, and cheese in the name of health?

Many people believe that eating cholesterol will give them high cholesterol, and that high cholesterol will put them at greater risk for heart disease. After all, this has been the prevailing story many of us have heard throughout our entire lives.

But what if that story was wrong? What if the scientific evidence didn’t actually support it? What if we’ve been egg white omelets for nothing?

I dropped by Eat Real Food TV to bust one of the most pervasive nutrition myths of our time – that cholesterol is the bad guy!

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Now I would love to hear from you. What is your most surprising take away from today's show? Leave a comment below and I'll see you next week on Doctor as Teacher Tuesday.

4 Replies to “Rethinking cholesterol…bring back the eggs with the yolk!”


Very informative video – thanks! I found a few things very surprising;

– that the whole issue with cholesterol is based on flawed studies
– traditional blood tests miss the whole story and we’re behind 20 yrs.
– that too much exercise can lead to unwanted cholesterol
– and that someone with the last name of “Coffin” can actually help me live a longer, healthier life! Who knew?!! : )

Thanks for the education, much appreciated!


Very interesting stuff. Is it possible to eat to many “healthy” fats like avocados and would this affect cholesterol in a negative way?

Dr Michelle Durkin ND

Love your comments Robert! I would have to say in general, it takes a long time for mainstream guidelines to catch up to the research. There was a quote someone said once, half of what you learn in medical school is wrong, the problem is you don’t know which half.

Dr Michelle Durkin ND

Healthy fats are actually encouraged, avocado being one of them. Others include olive oil, coconut oil, and fish oils.
If someone is insulin resistant they can also tolerate higher amounts of saturated fats like butter, and animal fats without having a negative effect on cholesterol. On conventional blood work the LDL might still increase because it is not measuring the light, fluffy type separate from the small, dense type. That is where looking at all the blood work as a complete picture is important. If I see LDL increased but also see the triglycerides going down, CRP going down, body fat % going down, and HbA1c going down, I know this person is reducing their overall cardiovascular risk.

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