Celebrate Naturopathic Medicine Week May 6th – 12th at QNC

Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 26 April 2012

Naturopathic Medicine Week is a Canada-wide initiative to increase awareness about Naturopathic Medicine in our communities. In celebration of this week our doctors, Dr. Michelle Durkin, Dr. Daralyn Bates, and Dr. Andrea Bull are hosting the following events for the public. Please call 613-966-9660 or email reception@quintenc.ca to register.

Tuesday May 8th: "Backyard Pharmacy", with Dr. Daralyn Bates, ND 6:30pm

Is the answer to your aches and pains right in front of your eyes? We will discuss the medicinal uses of plants you see everyday. You may never want to pull these weeds again!

Wednesday May 9th: "Defining Gluten Sensitivity" with Dr. Andrea Bull, ND 6:30pm

In honour of Celiac Awareness Month she will explore the differences of gluten sensitivity, wheat allergy, and celiac disease in terms of symptoms, testing, and diet.

Thursday May 10th: "How your Psychology becomes your Biology" Guest speaker Jane Durst Pulkys, holistic nutritionist 6:30pm

IMAGINE, starting each day like it is your Birthday!!! and being so excited that you can hardly wait to get out of bed!!! What is stopping you from living your ultimate life? We forget that it is our birthright to be happy. Learn How “Your Psychology Becomes Your Biology”. That chronic nagging ailment from which you might be suffering from is a direct result of ignoring our feelings. Discover a revolutionary technique that can free our trapped emotions so that you can: Live Your Best Life Ever, Realize Your Dreams, and Become a Magnet of Health, Happiness and learn to Love yourself first!!

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