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Optimal health includes mental, emotional, AND physical health

It’s common knowledge that healthy people are happy people, and happy people make a happy and healthy planet! Thus, our mission here is to promote effective natural, non-invasive practices that enable people to achieve optimal health and wellness.

In addition, we want to educate our patients so that they may confidently apply what they learn to improve their health, the health of others, and ultimately the health of our beautiful Earth.

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  • CLINICAL NUTRITION – examines the relationship between diet and health. Diet and supplements from researched protocols may be used.

  • BOTANICAL (HERBAL) MEDICINE – its use dates back to ancient civilization and is the foundation of modern pharmacology. Botanical medicine involves the use of whole plants individually and in combinations.

  • DETOXIFICATION – supports the elimination of toxins from the body using supplements and dietary changes.

  • HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE – uses small doses of plant, animal, and mineral substances to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities.

  • ACUPUNCTURE AND CHINESE MEDICINE – a combination of acupuncture using sterile needles, diet, and herbal formulas to relieve pain, tonify the immune system, and alleviate many symptoms.

  • LIFESTYLE COUNSELLING – customized programs based on consultations to help address lifestyle issues such as weight gain or loss, and stress management.

  • FOOD SENSITIVITY TESTING – blood test measures the immune reaction against 96 different foods.

  • HEAVY METALS TESTING – urine test measures toxic load and elimination of heavy metals in the body.

  • HORMONE TESTING – urine or saliva test measures the balance of several hormones and their interaction in the body.


A series of gentle moves over muscles and tendons that address the functioning of the body at many levels. Organ function often improves and energy levels increase and long-standing conditions improve, usually in a surprisingly short period of time. Bowenwork® is excellent for treating the spine, joints, organs, and soft tissue, and is especially helpful for treating pain. For more info on Bowenwork®, see our FAQ page or contact us, and check out the links in our blogroll.


Applies soft tissue manipulation to restore function, alleviate pain, and decrease tension and stress. Each treatment is individually tailored taking into account each client’s condition and treatment goals.


In ideal health, every structure in the body is in the right spot, has the freedom to move against neighbouring structures, is suspended in the fascial matrix with an appropriate amount of tension, the nerves and vessels are unobstructed. Strain negatively affects these tissue qualities and decreases function.

By assessing the whole body, the osteopathic practitioner determines which strains in the body are most significant. By applying a gentle hands-on treatment, the practitioner releases these areas to restore normal function. The goal is to disengage strains in the body efficiently in order of significance to resolve the root cause of dysfunction.

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