The Quinte Naturopathic Centre will help you create optimal health using lifestyle changes, nutrition, and the wisdom of natural medicines, within a modern framework of diagnosis and treatment.

We treat the person, not the disease

There is no one size fits all approach

The patient determines the outcome not the doctor

You need the right information in order to make healthy choices

Optimal health includes mental, emotional, AND physical health

Start bridging the gap in your health care and feel better today

Functional Diagnostics

Think of all your symptoms like leaves on a tree. You can treat each symptom OR you can investigate the underlying functional imbalances.

That is where functional diagnostics like blood work, food sensitivity testing, hormone testing, and stool testing with one of our experts can help. 

Healthy Nutrition

You are what you eat. 

Learn how to use food as medicine and find out what type of diet is best for you as an individual. Is it gluten-free, dairy-free, anti-inflammatory, Mediterranean, Paleo? 

There is lots of confusing advice out there. Let our experts determine what is best for you.

Digestive Balance

Did you know most disease begins in the gut? 

Optimizing the health of your digestive tract is a key factor in treating, and preventing most chronic disease, and creating a healthier you.

Get started with one of our experts!

Hormone Balance

Our experts facilitate balance so your hormones are working for you, not against you. 

Because let's face it when hormones are out of balance you can feel terrible even when you are told "nothing is wrong" on lab work.

Structural Balance

Structure affects function.

Whether you are suffering from an injury, chronic repetitive strain, muscular compensation, or a chronic inflammatory disease, we have experts that can help.


Poor diet, lack of sleep, chronic micro exposure to different types of chemicals, and high stress levels can all contribute to toxin accumulation.

This in turn affects our energy, our metabolism, our endurance, the amount of inflammation we have, and our ability to think clearly & positively. 

Let our experts determine if a detoxification program is right for you. 

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