Want to know what I’ve been learning recently?

Author: Dr. Michelle Durkin on 21 November 2017

About a week ago I attended the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors annual convention. This is an opportunity to see several lectures over 3 days on topics that contribute to our continuing education, but more importantly, help our patients get better.

This year's topic was "Exploring Clinical Innovations in Naturopathic Medicine".

I thought I would take the opportunity to let you know which talks I attended.

So here was this year's line up:

  1. Monitoring hormone replacement therapy: navigating the maze
  2. PMS, PMDD, and endometriosis: evidence driven protocol for better hormonal health
  3. The power of microbes - mitigating the evolution of antibiotic resistance
  4. Lyme disease and methylation
  5. Epigenetics: using nutrition to direct your destiny
  6. The microbiota: a key regulator in human aging
  7. Approaches to treating Hashimoto's thyroiditis
  8. Stress, genetics, and metabolism: modifiable relevant single nucleotide polymorphisms

Want to know more about these topics? Well, you are in luck. Tomorrow I am hosting my first ever Facebook Live and I hope you will join me. Don't worry if you can't catch it live, you can always watch the replay.

Here are the details:

Topic: PMS and PMDD: Research driven treatments for better hormonal health

When: Wednesday November 22nd, 10:30am - 11:30 am

Where: Your own computer; go to the QNC facebook page here: QNC Facebook

Now I need to hear from you! In the comments below I need you to do 1 thing: indicate by # which other topic you would like to hear more information about. I'm looking forward to hearing your response and I'll be back next week with another edition of Doctor as Teacher Tuesday!

2 Replies to “Want to know what I’ve been learning recently?”

Anna Matiowsky

I would like to learn about number 6

I would be interested in hearing about Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.

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