Cold and Flu Season: Is it starting already?

Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 10 October 2014

Hello Patients and Friends!

I have started to get questions regarding cold and flu prevention now that the leaves are falling and the weather is quite a bit cooler. Here are a few tips and supplements available again this year to help you through the season:

1. Eat Immune-Positive Foods: Vitamin C is definitely a cold-fighter, so eating foods high in vitamin C (berries, oranges and other citrus fruit, etc) is beneficial. Some other foods that have purported immune-enhancing actions include garlic, plain yogurt if you are tolerant, and most fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants found in fruits and veggies are known to help boost your immune system.

2. Wash Your Hands: This may be the most overstated – but most important – protection of all. Washing your hands frequently with hot soapy water will destroy most viruses so that when you do rub your eye or eat your sandwich, you are less likely to get infected.

3. Keep the Immune System Sharp: Supporting your immune system particularly if you are prone to colds and flu is a good idea. The flu shot doesn't do this - all it does is prime your immune cells for specific strains of a virus. For broader protection QNC administers an immune boosting product called Pascoleucyn (some of you may remember getting this shot last year) for a cost of $8. We recommend using this twice a season to protect against the flu. Call to book your appointment. Patients also have the option to order the homeopathic flu vaccine alternative called Influenzinum. This is taken along with a homeopathic immune support remedy called Thymoprotect. Please call the office to order or if you need more details.

4. Alkanalize: An acidic environment in the body will prevent the immune system from working as well as it should. It is important to keep your body alkaline through avoiding sugar in your diet.

5. Keep the Lymphatics Moving: The lymphatic system is the body's most underrated system. It is through your lymphatic system that your army of immune cells get around the body to eliminate viruses and bacteria that have made it past your mucous membranes. Drinking enough water and getting regular activity helps keep your lymphatics moving.

6. Protect Mucous Membranes: Cold and flu viruses and bacteria enter the body through our mucous membranes so we want to keep these entrances closed to foreign invaders. Supplements that help do this include Vitamin A and Vitamin D. You can take cod liver oil or a supplement called ACES+Zn that gives you extra antioxidant support. We also carry Vitamin D in the liquid or capsule form.

7. Take Action: We have a wide variety of anti-viral and anti-bacterial supplements depending on your specific case. Some of my favorites include: IM Matrix, Pascoleucyn drops, and Pleo-Not Quent. Ask your Naturopathic Doctors to see which one is best for you.




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