Candace Enjoys “Cheats” Guilt-free for the First Time in her Life

Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 23 October 2014

We had the opportunity to catch up with one of our recent Eat Real Food Academy graduates about her experience with the program. Find out how a simple and manageable switch to real food has helped this busy, working mother increase her energy, improve her acne, and kiss her PMS symptoms goodbye.


Did you have any hesitations prior to joining the program?

I had a hesitation that it was going to be yet another fad diet - a temporary fix that wasn't sustainable. I was quite nervous about that.

What made you ultimately decide to sign up then?

It was actually my sister-in-law who encouraged me to join when she heard me talking about trying an actual short-term fix solution. She said "Why don't you go and learn something that you can not only apply to yourself, but to your family as well? Something more sustainable?

After doing some research online and talking with some mutual friends, I thought the Eat Real Food Academy was perfect. I especially liked that is was an education program.

What changes have you noticed in your health?

The first change I noticed when I began eating real food was my improved energy in the mornings. When my alarm would go off, it wasn't like the end of the world! I was able to get up and start my day without that groggy and super tired feeling. Then from there, my clothes started to fit better. I don't know if it was pounds dropping or shape changing, but everything seemed a lot more comfortable and that bloated feeling that I was carrying around was gone!

I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin. I've always had bad acne and my skin is more clear not than any prescription drug has been able to make it. I'm also pleasantly surprised at how my PMS symptoms have significantly decreased.

How else did the program benefit you?

The ripple effect that eating healthy has had on my family has been fantastic. I have a husband and two young children and I'm the one who makes all the food. My husband's diet has completely changed for the better and we're working on getting the kids there. They're definitely eating a lot more vegetables and have a better understanding of how eating too much sugar make them feel. That's been a really important benefit to us.

What specific feature did you like best about ERFA?

I really loved the sense of ownership in it - that you gave us the WHY and we figured out the HOW. We didn't walk away with a meal plan or a points system to keep track of. It was really up to us, and we could eat whatever we wanted as long as it fit "the plate" that you taught us.

I also really liked the abundance mentality concept.  So much of what we learn about improving our eating habits revolves around depriving ourselves, controlling our portions, or scaling back on what we eat. I love how when I eat real food that's good for me, I can always feel free to open the fridge back up and find something else to  load onto my plate.

What has surprised you the most about your Eat Real Food journey?

The lack of stress around meal planning that I have now! I used to get really stressed out around 4 o'clock wondering what I'm going to feed the kids. I think a lot of that stress came from guilt that I was preparing something that I knew wasn't super healthy. 

Would you recommend ERFA? 

Absolutely! I would recommend it! I think the knowledge you take away is so invaluable whether you decide to make a change for yourself and your family or not. To understand how your body is processing sugar and what effect it's having on you, your energy and your ability to make it through your day is really important. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Anything else about ERFA you would like to share?

I feel like I'm the typical busy family with young children and a husband. It truly hasn't disrupted our lives at all. It's been much easier than I though it would be and I feel like a million bucks!

Thank-you Candace for your inspiring words. If you would like to learn more about the Eat Real Food Academy click HERE.  Our last program before the new year starts Wednesday Oct. 29th. Registration is Open Now.

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