10 things a supplement won’t fix

Author: Dr. Michelle Durkin on 15 December 2020

I sometimes have a new patient that comes in with a bag full of supplements that they are taking or have tried in the past. Often it will make me cringe.

I feel bad for them because they have fallen prey to the myth that there is a pill to cure every ill and this couldn't be farther from the truth.

Consider the leaves you see on a tree like the symptoms you experience. You don't want to take a medication for every single leaf on the tree. You also don't want to take a supplement for every single leaf on the tree. 

Yet this is type of treatment that is so prevalent in both the allopathic and naturopathic medical worlds.  

In my experience, you want to find the problems in the big branches and treat those. When you approach health in this way every leaf attached to the branch you are addressing will get better as a result. 

Here is a list of big branches that we need to look at that medications and supplements won't fix long-term:

  1. A crappy diet
  2. Not enough sleep
  3. Too many toxins
  4. Over-commitment
  5. People pleasing behaviour
  6. Staying in your comfort zone even if it's making you sick
  7. Saying yes when you want to say no
  8. Limiting beliefs
  9. Going against our intuitive knowledge of what we can handle
  10. Doing things out of duty instead of love

Often addressing these branches is the "hard work" so many people default to a pill, a drink, a drug. 

One of the illusions that we often hold on to is that it's supposed to be easy.

It's not supposed to be easy.

It's supposed to be hard, because that's what makes it worth doing.

Without challenge we would never grow.

Now I would love to hear from you! What branch did you identify with the most? Leave a comment below and I'll be back again next week with another edition of Doctor as Teacher Tuesday!

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5 Replies to “10 things a supplement won’t fix”

Peter Wright

Wow !
You’re on fire 🔥 with the 10 commandments.
But direct talk is needed – not just in your field of Heath Science but in many fields – especially today. Good for you to have the courage to speak with Professional conviction. Thank you for guiding those who are committed to accept your advice.
Thank you Michelle

Brenda Latchford

All your information is so interesting and educational. I really enjoy getting all your information. Please continue sending it to me. THANK YOU.

Dr Michelle Durkin ND

Lol! Thanks Peter 🙂

Sandy Carter

Hi Michelle. Mine was the comfort zone.
I’m trying to challenge myself to do thing that years ago I wouldn’t do.
2 years ago I went on a 6 hr. trip to Bolt Castle & I hate travelling on water, but I did it
& was very proud of myself

Dr Michelle Durkin ND

Well done Sandra!

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