Why the Provincial Elections Matter to Naturopathic Doctors

Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 21 September 2011

The campaign for the Ontario Provincial Election is underway. The vote will be on Thursday, October 6, 2011. The most recent polls indicate a close election. As a result, your vote can make an important difference in having a government that is supportive of a clear role for naturopathic medicine in the health care system.

What Are the Key Questions To Ask Your Provincial Candidates?

  1. The next government is going to be approving the new regulations for Ontario’s Naturopathic Doctors. The drafts that are out now will make Ontario one of the most restrictive places to practice. What are your views on Naturopathic Doctors being able to offer patients the full extent of their training, like they can in other places?
  2. Every other province and state that has modernized the regulation of naturopathic medicine has allowed NDs to prescribe basic primary care drugs like anti-biotics. I know I would want this. Would you support Ontario NDs having the ability to prescribe basic primary care drugs like their counterparts in other jurisdictions?

During the run up to the election you may discover an opportunity to discuss these issues in your community. Here are some other ways that you can get involved to make your candidates aware of the importance Naturopathic Medicine plays to create a better health care system.

  1. Engage candidates when they are canvassing. Ask them questions about their vision for health care and what they plan to do to integrate NDs into the health care system.
  2. Attend an all-candidates meeting and ask questions about the issues that are important to you.
  3. Email your candidates to ask whether they support naturopathic medicine and about their views on the role of naturopathic medicine in achieving a healthier Ontario.

PRINCE EDWARD-HASTINGS - Candidates for Prince Edward-Hastings — Where to find them


Leona Dombrowsky; Belleville campaign office: 48 Dundas Street West, Unit 2

Phone: 613-962-0539         email: leonacampaign@gmail.com


Todd Smith; Belleville campaign office: 180 North Front Street (across McDonald's)

Phone: 613-920-1177  Campaign website: www.electtoddsmith.ca   email: info@electtoddsmith.ca

Picton campaign office: 97 Main Street, Unit #13; Phone: 613-920-1144

Madoc office's phone #: 613-920-1113

Bancroft office's phone#: 613-318-9565


Treat Hull; Picton campaign office Phone: 613-476-8700

Mobile: 613-503-0027

Email: treat@give-em-hull.ca ; Campaign website: www.give-em-hull.ca

Hull's campaign Manager: Deb Simpson; Mobile: 613-503-0117; email: campaignmanager@give-em-hull.ca


Sherry Hayes; Phone: 613.332.6110; email: sherryhayes@xplornet.com

Campaign manager: Andy Hanson; Phone: 613-966-0485; Mobile: 613-919-5790; email: abh99@sympatico.ca

Family Coalition Party of Ontario

Neal Ford: 31 Morris Drive, Belleville; Phone:613-962-3327 Mobile:613-970-0133 email: nford2@cogeco.ca

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