What should be in your medicine cabinet this flu season

Author: Dr. Michelle Durkin on 17 October 2017

body.ability.healWe’ve made it to that time of year again…what most people to refer to as flu season. But I like to think of it a little differently -

“The flu is not a season. It is an inability to adapt due to decreased sun exposure and water intake, combined with increased sugar intake and stress."

Do you think it’s coincidence that so many kids get sick right after Halloween...or Christmas? I think not.

So, what can you do to prevent colds and flus at this time of year?

  1. Go to bed on time.
  2. Keep up your hydration with warmer drinks. Drink more warm water and lemon. Soup becomes one of my favorite breakfast foods. Yes, breakfast.
  3. Avoid sugar. One tablespoon of sugar will depress your immune system for twenty minutes.
  4. Protect your mucous membranes. Cold and flu viruses and bacteria enter the body through our mucous membranes so we want to keep these entrances closed to foreign invaders. Supplements that help do this include ACES+Zn by Cytomatrix OR Vitamin D liquid drops by Metagenics.
  5. Take a probiotic. For kids I often recommend a supplement called HMF Fit for School. It contains 12.5 billion CFU of a lactobacillus/bifidobacterium mIMG_0237ix, Vitamin C 50mg, and Vitamin D 1000 IU. It also comes in an easy to use chewable form and is gluten and dairy-free. But there is no need to limit it to kids. It is a great formula for adults as well. Let's face it, parents and grandparents are going to be exposed to the same bugs as kids at school or daycare anyway, so everyone could use a good immune support formula.

Now it is still possible to get sick once in a while even when you are doing “all the right things” to help prevent it?

Sure. This usually happens to me when I have had too much on my plate for too long without having a break.

Despite all the fear mongering media messages out there it can actually be good for the immune system to fight off an infection once in a while. So if you do get sick, support your immune system properly so that it can do it’s job and do it well.

Here’s what I keep in my medicine cabinet just in case:

  1. Pascoleucyn – this homeopathic preparation by Pascoe Canada can be used to treat colds or flus. Just follow the acute dose for your age group on the insert.
  2. IM Matrix – this herbal formula by CytoMatrix is great for sore throats especially. Take 2 caps 3X a day for adults and half the dose for children
  3. SilverPure spray – this colloidal silver spray by Designs for Health changed my mind about colloidal silver. Any other brand I’ve used before did nothing for me but this one works great for any minor viral infections. It is also really easy to use with kids. Adults can use up to 6 sprays a day when children would be half that dose.
  4. Endura - this electrolyte drink by Metagenics is a great alternative to Gatorade because it doesn't have any sugar, artificial sweetners, or colouring. If you missed my video about having the flu last year you can watch it here: What I do when I have the stomach flu

Now I would love to hear from you! What are some of your favorite ways to help our your immune system? Leave a comment below and I’ll be back next week with another edition of Doctor as Teacher Tuesday.

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