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Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 26 January 2013

Haven’t blogged for a while so thought I’d drop  a line or two … in science,  aromatherapy is definitely getting some interesting exposure  … more research is always  needed  but Essential oils have  been used in tests with MRSA and other bacteria that are becoming antibiotic resistant.

My mission last year was to attend the International Conference in Aromatherapy held in Dublin – Botanica 2012 – was attended by over 200 therapists from over 30 countries – mainly European countries - 3 of us from Ontario made it!   Myself, my aromatherapy teacher – Danielle Sade, and fellow therapist also originally from the UK, Marianne Tavares. Marianne had been invited to speak - she gave a presentation on aromatherapy and palliative care – new shoots in Canada.

I’ve been keeping myself out of trouble (ha ha) with a new certified modality – Ayurvedic head massage – this   treatment uses pressure spots from the ancient medicine of Ayurvedic traditions from Indian. Pressure points or Marma points – there are 107 in total – are activated on the back, neck, head and face. These points release energy through the body - improving circulation, lymph and lots more – whilst releasing tension and stress. I also incorporate extra facial reflexology points – targeting many aches and pains throughout the body.

I have also become a member of the International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists recently – this is a council held in good standing in the UK with over 3000 members – I am happily an Education council member of our own Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists - the aim of the federations is to improve standards in training and to promote the safe of use of essential oils.

My next project for spring will be to gain certification in clinical hypnosis – I hope to incorporate this knowledge into cancer care to develop self-image and positive thoughts regarding treatment and diagnosis. I will also be developing sessions to help with addictions– including smoking and weight loss.

And yes!!  I will be  returning to the UK this year to gain more in-depth knowledge related to my work with end of life clients – through specialist courses offered at the award winning hospital -  The Christie  - more on that later …

Good health to you all

Annie House

Annie currently has clinic hours for appointment on Thursdays at QNC and will soon be adding Wednesdays.

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