Supplement Spotlight & January Special

Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 5 January 2011

As the New Year begins and people are contemplating  what they want to focus on to make this year better, inevitably weight loss comes up. Some of the products used frequently at the office as part of a weight loss program are Ultra Meal, Ultra Meal 360, and UltraGlycemX  by Metagenics. Ultra Meal is a medical food powder formulated to provide specialized nutritional support to encourage fat loss, maintain muscle mass, and decrease sugar cravings. It is only allowed the designation "medical food" because it has been tested in clinical trials on actual patients proving its claims. Ultra Meal 36o has the same nutritional support with extra ingredients that address Cardiometabolic syndrome (previously known as Metabolic syndrome or Syndrome X) and Cardiovascular disease, while UltraGlycemX has added support for Diabetes mellitus type 2. During a visit with Dr. Durkin at QNC you can determine which formula is best for your health care needs along with specific dietary recommendations.

For the month of January all 3 products (Ultra Meal, Ultra Meal 360, and UltraGlycemX) will be on special. BUY 2 GET THE 3RD HALF PRICE. Please note all 3 must be purchased at the same time. They come in a variety of flavors including: chocolate, vanilla,  mocha, raspberry and strawberry. Feel free to call the office or email us to place an order ahead of time.

Good luck with your weight loss goals and may this year be your healthiest year yet!!

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