Quitting Smoking and Emotional Freedom Technique

Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 21 January 2010

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is an easy-to-learn system of reducing anxiety and cravings in a matter of minutes. The main premise of EFT is that negative emotions, including addictive cravings, are a result of a disruption in the energy system. Treating the disruption with EFT reduces or in many cases eliminates the associated anxiety, craving, or other emotional issue underlying the addiction.

Cigarettes are used as tranquilizers to avoid, numb, or suppress a variety of uncomfortable feelings. Some people use cigarettes to calm down, as an energy boost, or to feel safe and protected. EFT can be aimed at feelings of loneliness, emptiness, rejection, anger, or fear. Once these underlying emotions are detected and treated with EFT, a person’s urge to smoke and numb these feelings is reduced or eliminated while stress in general is neutralized.

EFT can be used on the physical discomforts that can accompany nicotine withdrawal as well as the emotional. The fear of gaining weight that is often associated with giving up the cigarettes can be dealt with EFT, eliminating this as a reason to continue smoking.

What happens during my first EFT appointment?

During a 90-minute session you learn how to apply this technique yourself to reduce cravings and deal with any physical or emotional effects of stopping smoking. EFT will be applied, in an effortless way, to any core emotional uses that may be underlying your need to smoke. After using EFT, patients often will say that the smell of the cigarette is offensive to them. Hard to believe, but true!

EFT combined with naturopathic medicine is the most healthy and effortless way to quit the habit. Start today!

If you are interesting in this program or about learning more about EFT, send us a email via our contact form. We’d be happy to hear from you!

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