Optimal Health in 2013: January Events with QNC

Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 2 January 2013

Optimal Health can be yours in 2013! Optimal Health boils down to 7 basic things you need to be doing everyday. What are these 7 things you ask? Eat Right, Drink Right, Move Right, Sleep Right, Poop Right, Think Right, and Talk Right. (Dr. Robert Rakowski)

Here are a couple of events that QNC is part of in January which you can participate in to get yourself motivated and started!

CrossFit1. CrossFit Belleville OPEN HOUSE:

                          Saturday January 12th 10 am - 5 pm   

"CrossFit offers strength & conditioning, personal training, olympic weightlifting and strongman. Every day our people break down barriers, set new standards and above all create a close knit community within these walls. Together we inspire, motivate, sweat, bleed and of course, become stronger. We are a no fluff type of gym, breaking new boundaries, rebelling from your normal fitness regime. Try us out today and understand why Crossfit is the new fitness revolution." Go to this Facebook link for more info on their Open House:  https://www.facebook.com/quintenat#!/events/384695551625158/

PSE.PHOTO 2. Seminar : "How Your Psychology Becomes Your Biology" 

                          Wednesday January 23rd 6pm at QNC      

Optimal health is not just about physical health, it encompasses mental/emotional health as well. Many times emotional conflicts hold people back from making the changes they need to make to become healthier physically and emotionally. Everybody can be exceptionally happy and optimally fit, healthy, and energetic. To find out more attend this seminar! As space is limited please email us at reception@quintenc.ca to reserve your spot. See our Facebook page for a sneak preview from our presenter Jane Durst Pulkys: https://www.facebook.com/quintenat#!/events/412988022109734/

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