October Announcements at QNC

Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 25 September 2013

The temperature is dropping so pull out your sweaters and enjoy that sunshine! Fall is a beautiful time of year and with the season changing we have embarked on our Fall 10 Day Detox. Good Eating and good health to all participants! If you are not participating we encourage you to start eating mindfully for the next couple of weeks. So whether you are eating a homemade veggie stir fry or a piece of cheesecake.....BE MINDFUL. We hope to have you join us in the spring for our next group detox.



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Here are some announcements:

1. Eat Real Food Boot camp: Whether we are motivated by health or vanity, many of us strive to adopt cleaner eating habits. We know we could look, feel, and function better if we fueled our bodies with fresh, nutrient dense food. It sounds so simple, yet it can be so challenging to do it alone. QNC and Living Primal are pleased to introduce a new program designed to getting you eating real, unprocessed, whole, natural food.  Eat Real Food Boot Camp is a 30 day medically supervised program designed around one primary goal…helping you to take your physical and mental health to a whole new level. See details at http://www.livingprimal.ca/eat-real-food-boot-camp.html and reserve your spot today!


2. Office Hours: The following days in October the office will be CLOSED. Please be mindful of this when needing to refill your supplements or dropping off a urine specimen for testing.

MONDAY Oct. 14th, Thanksgiving Day: Closed all day

MONDAY Oct. 28th and FRIDAY Nov. 1: Closed all day


3. Cold and Flu Season: Cold and Flu Season will soon be starting so think about boosting your immune system now. It is good to have some natural supplements on hand for when you do feel like something is coming on.  We recommend Pascoleucyn (Pascoe) pascoleucynbioboost im.matrix or BioBoost (BioMed) for any colds or flu, follow the acute dose on the bottle or insert. IM Matrix (Cytomatrix) is also great for the immune system when there is any sore throat. Take the product until the cold or flu has resolved. If there are no improvements in 48hrs consult your ND.

We will be offering our Pascoleucyn immune shot this winter that can be used alone or in conjunction with a flu shot.  We recommend one shot at the end of October/beginning of November and another one in January to cover you for the season. The cost will be $8 per shot. Please call the office to book or to inquire.

Patients can now also order a homeopathic remedy for flu prevention to take orally called Influenzinum along with Thymoprotect to boost the immune system. A dose of each is taken 1X a week for 6 weeks starting at the beginning of November. This can also be used instead of or in conjunction with the flu shot. The cost is approximately $20 (cost can vary year to year from the company). Please call reception to place your order.

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