Mind-Body Bowen

Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 24 February 2010

Do you have pain you’ve been suffering with for a long time? Have you tried different therapies but can’t seem to get better? Let us introduce Mind-Body Bowen Therapy.

Mind-Body Bowen takes physical healing to another level—that is, we apply holistic healing to address your pain. Our minds and bodies are connected, and often, deep-seated emotional issues manifest themselves as physical illness and discomfort.

Can you recall how your body felt when you were under much stress, whether before a job interview, in a relationship, or at a meeting at work? Nervousness can tighten your buttock muscles, cause you to sweat more than usual, make you feel nauseated, or cause pain in your stomach or bowels. In other words, your psycho-emotional state affects you physically.

Our minds are very powerful. Emotional pain is just as real as physical pain and can be far more invasive. Long-held resentments, bitterness, hurt, fear, guilt, and shame all play their role in debilitating your energy and normal bodily functions, such as your digestion, circulation, immune system, and musculo-skeletal system.  

Mind-Body Bowen was developed to facilitate the release of these emotions and memories stored in your body’s cells and at the same time bring physical relief.

Because the practitioner is always assessing and there may be more talking than usual, Mind-Body Bowen sessions can last longer than a typical Bowen session, sometimes up to 1.5 hours. The same gentle techniques used in regular Bowen Therapy sessions are used for Mind-Body Bowen.

Mind-Body Bowen is particularly effective for the treatment of stubborn pain and illness that will not respond to either regular Bowen treatments or other methods. For an appointment, please call Quinte Naturopathic Centre at 613-966-9660.

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