How to know what’s really going on with your hormones

Author: Dr. Michelle Durkin on 23 May 2017

Does this scenario sound familiar? I really think something is going on with my hormones but whenever  I talk to my doctor I'm told...that's normal for someone your age...or, there is nothing wrong with your blood work...or, let's put you on the pill (without any investigation of the actual cause).

Last year the lab I use for food allergy testing and saliva hormone testing came out with a new test called the DUTCH urine hormone test. I was intrigued by this new test because urine is so much easier for patients to collect than saliva, and this test was able to provide more information than the saliva hormone test provided.

So I did what a lot of good scientists do - I did the test on myself.

To my surprise the results were bang-on! I was able to tweak my supplement regime and make other
lifestyle changes to optimize my hormones, which I had kind of been neglecting because I was focusing more on my diet.

I have since used this test with women who are experiencing irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, PMS and menopause with great results.

Here my top 3 reasons for recommending the DUTCH test:

  1. It takes the guess work out of confusing or contradictory hormonal symptoms - when dealing with hormones, symptoms are not always clear cut but the test results are.
  2. Patients get results faster - there is less trial and error with different supplement protocols when the hormone imbalance I am trying to treat is clearly identified.
  3. It addresses hormone detoxification as well as hormone production - whether you make them or take them, hormones need to be detoxified in a healthy way. This test identifies detoxification issues that is valuable information for preventing hormonal cancers.

If healthy hormones are a priority for you, consider doing the DUTCH urine test for yourself. You can have the test done through one of the naturopathic doctors at our office with a simple take-home kit. To find more information on the the test go here:


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