How to drink like your naturopath this holiday weekend

Author: Dr. Michelle Durkin on 30 August 2016

So often I will have people ask me, or more often ask people who know me, “ does Michelle ever eat meat…have dessert…or have a few adult beverages…?”

I think there is this preconceived notion that I don’t do any of these things, ever, and people are pleasantly surprised and relieved to find out the real answer.

Yes, I eat meat and believe good quality, grass-fed animals are part of a healthy diet. Yes, I have dessert on the rare occasion and even make my own healthy versions (if you missed my video on healthy dessert check it out: Blueberry Crumble). And yes, I will have a couple alcoholic beverages on the weekend.

Let’s face it – when it comes to alcohol – no one should be drinking it and thinking that it will make them healthier. So can we make healthier choices and still enjoy ourselves socially with family and friends?

Here are my top 5 drinks that fit the bill:





Nor Cal Margarita – this drink was popularized by paleo guru Robb Wolf









The Richelle – courtesy of Happy Hour in Comox BC with Carolyn Coffin from the Eat Real Food Academy. Mix 1 oz of vodka, juice of 1 lime, soda water, and a splash of cranberry juice.


Mojitos – make sure it’s homemade and not a pre-mix or you will be getting way too much sugar; check out one version of this recipe here: Mojito

Red wine – the general rule is the drier wines are best because the sugar content is lower. I am partial to Sandbanks Baco Noir or Dunes.



SoCIAL Lite – pre-mix of carbonated water, vodka, lime juice concentrate, and ginger that contains no sugar or sweetener and is available at your LCBO

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