Guest Post – Injury Prevention

Author: Dr. Scott Allin on 23 February 2021

Many of my clients come to me with pain from injuries. Preventing
is much better than treating the aftermath. Here are some
steps you can take to minimize your injury risk:

Scott Allin, RMT

1. Stay active. Many injuries happen from people using their muscles
in ways that their bodies are not used to. Staying active will help
keep you limber, strong, and resiliant.

2. If you take up a new activity, get a coach. It could be an actual
coach, or a friend who is experienced and knowledgeable. Proper form
drastically decreases the likelihood of impact injuries from running,
injuries from lifting weights incorrectly, etc. It also makes the
activity more enjoyable because you get better at it faster.

3. Wear appropriate shoes. Especially in the winter when slips and
falls are common, wear footwear that grips the ground. Make sure that
you have good quality footwear to help absorb the impact from the
ground. Standing mats can relieve the strain on your feet, legs, and
back as well and are worth the invesment.

4. Ask for help. Why move heavy objects by yourself? Ask a friend or a
neighbour. Most people are willing to help and most people love to

5. Get lots of sleep. When you are tired and clumsy you are far more
likely to get into an accident, slip, fall, cut your finger, etc.
Getting enough rest helps you stay alert and focused. It also allows
your body to recover from the day.

Stay safe everybody.

Scott Allin, RMT

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