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Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 21 October 2013

1. Free Lecture : How to Raise the Vibration around You - Working with the 4 Elements

Join Dawn James for this lecture based on her new book, “How to Raise the Vibration around You - Volume One”. If you want to regain balance in an unbalanced world, let Dawn James share her experience and knowledge to help you live consciously and create harmonic living spaces. Dawn will guide you through the why and the how to raise the vibration around you  working with light, air, water and earth's gifts - so you too can enjoy harmonic living!

Book signing to follow for Dawn's new book How to Raise The Vibration Around You : Volume One: Working with the 4 Elements to Create Healthy & Harmonious Living Spaces

Here is a link to RSVP: call the office at 613-966-9660. This lecture will be help at QNC on Monday November 11th at 5pm.

2. November Eat Real Food Bootcamp

Whether we are motivated by health or vanity, many of us strive to adopt cleaner eating habits. We know we could look, feel, and function better if we fueled our bodies with fresh, nutrient dense food. It sounds so simple, yet it can be so challenging to do it alone. QNC and Living Primal are pleased to introduce a new program designed to getting you eating real, unprocessed, whole, natural food.  Eat Real Food Boot Camp is a 30 day medically supervised program designed around one primary goal…helping you to take your physical and mental health to a whole new level. See details at and reserve your spot today! Limited number of spots available.

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