Do Your Research

Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 21 January 2010

How many times have you heard that you can’t believe everything you read? It’s true of media reports and the news, of reviews, blogs, and even memoirs and autobiographies. No matter what it is you read, there is always the possibility that there are untruths in the content, designed to manipulate the reader in some way.

When it comes to your health, it is crucial that you verify the facts as best you can, as well as discover all the options open to you. Doing your own research in addition to getting a second or third opinion from a professional on a drug or on the necessity of surgery or other invasive treatments is just plain wise.

An example of how crucial it is to verify the facts when it’s important, especially to your health, is provided by the case of the pharmaceutical megacompany Merck. On May 14, 2009, the New York Times reported that Merck, which professes to be committed to value and standards as well as community and research, paid to have a fake journal of research produced called the Australasian Bone and Joint Journal in order to sell its previously discredited drug Vioxx.

The goal of the journal was to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of its painkiller. Previously, the drug was found to increase chances of heart attack and stroke, and there were reportedly over 50,000 patients who either died or suffered long-lasting heart problems after being on the drug.

Naturally, this is horrifying news. And how on earth would anyone have known that journal was a fake? Apparently, someone did their research.

Pharmaceutical products, as well as invasive medical procedures, and thus possible complications and side effects, may be avoided if your particular case allows. When you’re advised you need to take drugs or that surgery, for example, is necessary, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor as many questions as needed to make you feel comfortable.

For a second opinion, consider seeing a naturopathic doctor. Typically, they are trained in pharmacology and can either advise what’s the best course of action to take in conjunction with allopathic medicine or they can help you avoid drugs or invasive procedures altogether.

Do your research. When it’s your health at stake, be proactive and inquisitive. You have only one body and mind, and they deserve the best possible care you can give them. Everyone longs for and deserves optimal  quality of life, and your health is the number one factor in experiencing it.

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