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Author: Dr. Michelle Durkin on 3 May 2016

It's finally spring and at our clinic that means it's Naturopathic Medicine Week!

As part of Naturopathic Medicine Week we will be holding our annual 10 day group detox once again and I wanted to make sure you had a personal invitation to join us again this year.

You may have already received this invitation if you are on my email list. If not, make sure you sign up otherwise you may be missing other goodies that I only talk about in email.

The format for the detox will be similar to last year, with a few improvements. Like this one - one of the suggestions we had last year was to hold the seminar a few days before the detox begins so we are going to make that happen.

According the Environmental Working Group we are exposed to over 200 toxins before we are even born. How do they know this? They looked at umbilical cord blood of unborn babies and measured what was present.

Toxins can have a serious impact on our health. On an everyday scale they can lead to fatigue, brain fog, inflammation, and weight gain.

But chronic micro-exposures over time can spiral into major health problems like:

  • Diabetes
  • Neurological diseases (eg. Parkinson's, MS, dementia)
  • Pain syndromes (eg. Fibromyalgia)
  • Hormonal disruption (eg. PCOS, infertility, low testosterone)
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome

Check out this article on Diabetes and toxin exposure: https://chriskresser.com/how-toxins-are-making-us-fat-and-diabetic/

It is no longer possible for us to live a toxin free life unless you want to live in a bubble. We need practical, science-based ways of detoxifying chemicals that we are exposed to everyday. That's what the Healthy People, Healthy Body Group Detox with QNC is all about.

If you want a simple detox plan that you can follow for a short period of time with daily email support then you'll love this detox. 

Have you ever had any of these thoughts?

  • I would really like to do a detox but there are so many products and information out there that it is overwhelming
  • I would like to understand why detoxification is important and how to do it properly
  • I would like to clean up my diet and start feeling better in a short period of time

The 2016 Healthy People, Healthy Body Group Detox is a 10 day group detox that begins with a lecture on why detoxification is important, what to expect during the detox, and an outline of what to eat and what to avoid during the 10 days. Participants will also be provided a detoxification medical food. Instructions will be given on how to take the medical food to optimize your detox pathways. Daily emails will help keep you on track, provide recipes you can try, and give you tips on how to keep the detox process simple.

We live in a increasingly toxic world and eat a decreasingly nutrient dense diet. With so much going on in our lives it is easy to get sucked into quick, fast, easy meals and before you know it you are no longer chopping and eating lots of veggies every week, drinking lots of water daily, or keeping sugar intake in check. No wonder we can't detoxify efficiently!

This is where the Healthy People, Healthy Body Group Detox can help. The goal of this detox is to share a practical strategy for eliminating the toxins that we are often exposed to so that we can enjoy good health.

When, Where, and Other Details to Know:

  • When: Your detox seminar will be held on Thursday May 5th at 6:30pm with Naturopathic Medical Intern Abbey Royle
  • Where: Quinte Naturopathic Centre, 173 Church St. Belleville
  • Other Details: Your 10 Day Detox will begin Monday May 9th and ends Wednesday May 18th. You will receive a daily email from Abbey to keep you on track and provide support. This year the medical food you will be using is called SynerClear. It comes in a chocolate or vanilla flavour. You will need to purchase 2 containers for the 10 days. The cost is $46.72 + tax per container. Patients, family, and friends are all welcome to participate.
  • Bonus: A Guided Meditation by Dana Goodfellow from Mind Body Quinte + a Detox Yoga video by Tammy Comeau from Mindful Movements to enhance your detox.
  • Ready to join? Call Quinte Naturopathic Centre 613-966-9660 to register.

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