5 simple things that make me ridiculously happy

Author: Dr. Michelle Durkin on 17 March 2020

Have you ever caught yourself thinking that you'll be happy once you reach a specific goal?

I see this the most in my office when patients have a goal to lose a certain number of pounds.

The danger with this type of thinking is that our happiness becomes outcome dependent.

What if that outcome doesn't happen? Does that mean we shouldn't be happy?

What I've learned (and am still learning) is that true happiness comes from being grateful in the here and now. And that once you start paying attention there are plenty of simple things that can make us happy.

Here are 5 things that make me ridiculously happy, no outcome required:

  • the perfect dipping cookie
  • laying in a pile of laundry just out of the dryer
  • the smell of grass mixed with dirt in the fall
  • walking to work
  • butterflies

Now I would love to hear from you! What is one simple thing that makes you ridiculously happy? Leave a comment below and I'll be back next week with another edition of Doctor as Teacher Tuesday!

20 Replies to “5 simple things that make me ridiculously happy”

Connie Yrjola

Michelle, I must try laying on a pile of warm clothing as that would be a new happy for me. Now, things that make me happy:

– Sitting in the hot tub on a snowy night
– Seeing shooting stars on a dark summer’s eve
– Cleaning the windows at home so they’re sparkly clean
– A rainbow
– The smell of rain in the spring

(ok, and nutella and peanut butter as a treat!!!)

Brenda Reid

1. watching my mares running through the pasture, their interactions and the miniature gelding working SO hard to keep up.
2. watching my dogs play as we walk – the little one travelling 10 times as far in one go, and the big doing circles around me, always in protective mode – just in case.
3. watching trumpeter swans floating in a seasonal pond in a cornfield
4. listening to spring peepers and the silly calls of the crows, blue-jays and cardinals, like they’re all catching up on the news after the winter’s peace
5. listening to the quiet munch of the horses feeding and being grateful that they’re in my life.

Mary Anne Chapman

The first warm breezes of spring

Daylight savings time

The freshness of my duvet after being hung on the line




-hanging up laundry on an unexpectedly sunny day in the early spring.
– a card from a friend in the mail (snail mail📬)
– the scent of a hyacinth, lilacs and lavender flowers
– the gentle wash of green on trees when buds open up
– walking barefoot on the beach listening to the sound of waves
God has created such a beautiful world filled with sights, sounds,scents and sensations for us to enjoy!


• The blooming flowers in the spring, on the trees and everywhere.
• The smell of the Ocean.
• Cute, little animals like Chipmunks, cute dogs and puppies.
• The fresh cut grass.
• My kids’ smiles.
• The Stars in the night sky.

Jen Drozda

Our Annas hummingbirds in the winter
Watching birds splashing in a bird bath
Walking on a nice, long beach

Joan Carson

Hands in garden soil.
Grandkids saying I LOVE YOU
Walking in the woods or along the water.
Enjoying the forever hummingbirds coming to my flowers.
Listening to uplifting music.


the flag of hair on my dog’s tail as he madly wags it while chasing birds…and everything else about my dog


Time spent with any of my children
Time spent with any of my grandchildren
Time spent with any of my friends
Being at the Cottage

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