3 Ways to be Healthier this Spring

Author: Dr. Quinte Naturopathic Centre on 30 March 2015

I recently had a patient ask me what my secret was to always looking healthy, energetic, and young? I actually got a little embarrassed because I really don't feel like I have a secret. It made me start thinking, if she had this question I'm sure a lot of other people do to.


So here's my answer. Good health boils down to a few basic things. The trick is to keep doing them consistently over time. Sure it's easy to eat well for one meal but it takes a lot more effort, planning, and commitment to eat well every meal for a year. Get to the gym once. No problem. Keep going consistently? That's another story, especially when you have other commitments stealing away your time. And the hardest one of all...manage your stress in a healthy way.


So what are the basic things I'm talking about. I love the way Dr. Robert Rakowski has termed them as the Magnificent 7. Focus on these 7 things and optimal health is most certainly yours.

Eat Right. Drink Right. Sleep Right. Move Right. Poop Right. Think Right. Talk Right.

Lucky for you, here's how we can help you. Take advantage of these 3 opportunities to help you feel healthy and energetic while turning back the clock on your cellular age.


1. Healthy People, Healthy Body Detox: Join us for a 10 day guided detox to spring clean your cells, jump start healthy eating, and know what Poop Right really means. Your detox will begin Wednesday May 6th and continue until Friday May 15th with the pre-detox info session occurring on Tuesday May 5th 6:15pm at QNC, 173 Church St. Belleville, ON. Please call reception, 613-966-9660 or email, reception@quintenc.ca to register. Cost is $65. This includes the detox supplement you will be taking daily.


2. Eat Real Food AcademyLearn the missing pieces about nutrition that you need to know to Eat Right in our habit changing 30 day online course. Registration opens Monday April 6th here: www.eatrealfoodacademy.com/erfasignup. Watch our video here: https://youtu.be/19LPeah-jY8

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3. Introduction to Meditation: Watch this free video with local RMT, Dana Goodfellow to learn more about meditation and how it can be helpful for you and your overall health. Think Right, Talk Right, and Sleep Right are more important to overall health than you may ever know and meditation is an excellent tool to help you with them. For video click here: https://youtu.be/i6fmQEF7cl0

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